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Value Added Services

Just-in-Time (JIT)
Our JIT process increases the efficiency of your supply chain. We reduce your stock levels to the minimum level that sustains your production or distribution rates. Inventory may be stored at your warehouses or in our facilities near to your location, for a replenishment rate that is optimized with your consumption rate. The entire system works in this synchronous manner, allowing excellent end-to-end visibility, fast cycle times and minimal excess, buffer stock, stock-outs and rework are virtually eliminated.

Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)
With VMI, we fully managed your end-to-end inventory planning and replenishment at a service level and price your decide upon. We take full responsibility for your inventory, freeing you to spend time running your business. We also enable you to reduce supply chain inventory, eliminate out of stock goods and decrease logistics costs.

Packing / Bagging / Drumming
Moving further upstream into the supply chain process, Elite offers complete packing, drumming and bagging services for both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. We take on the role of providing the final packaging so that it allows for certain postponement efficiencies to be attained on top of being an outsourced activity for our customers. Provision of such services depends a lot on the exact requirements of each customer.

Customised Services
We also offer a number of customised services beyond traditional warehousing and fulfillment, such as
• Re-packaging
• Bar-coding
• Assembly
• Inspection
• quality control
• software installation


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