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Our facilities blend modern systems and equipment with industry-best-practices to lower your warehousing and distribution costs while increasing your service levels. Elite provides a complete range of warehousing and distribution services with these storage environment.

Cold Room


Inventory Systems

Our integrated warehouse management systems provide full transparency to our customers with regards to the stock levels 24/7. Customers can access any chosen product SKUs in our various warehouses as well as configure the type of reports that they require. Through Elite’s worldwide network of offices, warehouses and our robust warehousing system, you can rest assured that your cargo is in safe hands at any storage point in the supply chain.


Specialized Warehousing & Distribution Solutions

We offer specialized warehousing and distribution solutions for numerous industries, including but not limited to Chemical/Petrochemical, Electronics, FMCG, Medical & Pharmaceuticals. In solving the challenges faced by our customers, Elite offers our network of warehouses to cater to every type of cargo, such as,

Hazardous Materials
Temperature Sensitive
Duty / Bonded
Food grade storage facilities

with storage type options like,

Conventional racking
Block stack storage
VNA storage
Bulk storage
Open yard storage



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